Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's in the Mail? (1/23/10)

Here's what was in my mail this week:
What was in your mail this week??


  1. I finally got my Stacy Pita Chips Free coupon from Facebook!

    And I got a Refresh your nest for less coupon book for over $35 in savings for Home Made Simple products.

  2. I also got my coupon for a free bag of Stacy Pita Chips!
    I got 2 calendars, weight watchers magazine- that I haven't really look through but noticed 2 coupons in it already. I also got a free sample of Pre-Seed... which seems kind of strange to get even though I requested it.

  3. Yeah, you guys got some good stuff! I'm still waiting on my Stacey's Pita Chip coupon!

    And you know what... I also got that Home Made Simple Coupon book and the Weight Watchers Magazine and totally forgot to include that in my picture! (I usually set all my stuff aside so I can post it for you guys and those 2 slipped through the cracks so I'm glad you posted it!!)

  4. I like your blog! Thanks for linking yours up on mine yesterday! Feel free to email me with any deal you find!

  5. I just picked up the mail and got my Jewel - Osco coupon flier and my Target Flip Clip Save coupon book. :D It is almost like Christmas when I get these coupons. LOL!