Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jewel Trip 1/24/10

I made a quick trip to Jewel this afternoon since today is the last day for the Kraft Catalina. I wanted to pick up some sour cream but was disappointed that the expiration dates were so soon which is probably why they are marked down to .99 (they must be trying to clear them out of the warehouse)! I still grabbed them since they were a money maker and shared some with my SIL this afternoon so 2 are not pictured. Here's what I got:

Transaction 1:
5 Breakstone Reduced Fat Sour Cream - .99
1 Ortega Salsa - $2.00
1 Jewel Kidney Beans - .79
Used 1 $1/2 Breakstone sour cream Catalina from Jewel
Used 3 .55/1 Breakstone sour cream from 1/24 SS and
Used $2/1 Salsa tearpad in liquor department
Used $2.50 Catalina from a previous General Mills deal
Paid .76 and got back a $5 catalina, $1.74 money maker!

Transaction 2:
5 Breakstone Cottage Cheese Doublers - $1.19
Used $5 cat from above
Paid $1.08 and got back another $5 cat, .21 each!

After catalinas I made a net profit of .66 for everything!

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