Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jewel Fav 4 Meat Deal is Back!


UPDATE: There have been lots of intermittent problems with this deal. Check out the update Mashup Mom has here.

Hooray the Fav 4 meat deal is back!

The way they advertise it in the sale ad is buy 4 packs of selected meat for $19.99 (you'll see it on the front page of this week's Jewel ad). Most of the larger packs are priced at $6 and then you get $4.10 off (which is really $19.90 not $19.99).

You get the best deals when you buy the weighted meats that are part of this deal (Jewel chicken, double packs of Pub burgers, beef stew). You can actually buy the SMALL packs that are stocked on the regular wall and not with the promotional packs. The small packs of chicken are usually priced around $2.25, the 2 packs of Jr. Pub burgers are $1.50 or you could do double packs of the regular pub burgers for $3. When you buy 4 of any of those you still get the $4.10 off...and the price is FAR less than $19.99!

Here are a few scenarios you could try - buy 2 packs of Jewel chicken breast tenders at about $2.25 a pack - and 2 2pks of Jr Pub burger for $1.50 each - you are at $7.50 minus the $4.10 - you are at $3.40 for 4 burgers and 2 packs of chicken. Or you could do 4 2-packs of Jr. pub burgers for $1.90 - $1.90 for 8 Jr. Pub burgers!

Not all stores carry the Jr. Pub burgers (which I actually prefer myself to the larger sized ones). If you like the biguns...don't buy the 4 packs that are pre-priced at $6, got to the wall and pick up 4 2packs at $3 each. Total will be $12 minus the $4.10 so $7.90 for 8 (which if you bought the 4 packs you'd pay $12 for 8)!

If you're still confused - head over to Mashup Mom. She has a great write up and tips to keep in mind when doing this deal!

Just FYI...some people are reporting problems with the discount not coming off this time around. Be prepared to take them off your order if you don't want them without the discount.

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