Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dominick's Trip 1/26/10

So I know I told all of you guys that the fruit snack cat ended on Sunday, so that would mean that I should know that the cat ended on Sunday...and yet I found myself at Dominick's buying fruit snacks today and SURPRISE, guess what didn't print? The cat that ended on Sunday! Fail!

Luckily I was making money from the Crescent rolls so it didn't turn into an ultimate failure, but I am kicking myself because I could of used the overage on something else that I needed (since we are certainly already stocked up on fruit snacks)! Chalk it up to "you win some, you loose some" I guess!

I spent $1.56 oop on everything pictured above, spent a $3.50 cat but got back a $4.00 cat, net total for everything was $1.06! (I know, how can I get upset when I spent $1 on everything, right? But the truth is after awhile of being a "couponer", when things like this happen it totally kills the bargain high :P)!

Here's how it breaks down:
  • 6 boxes of Fruit Stackers (.99 ea) - $11.94, Instant $6 off for buying 2 sets of 3. Used 4 $1/2 printables. Final price $2.94 for all 6 boxes (Besides the $3.50 cat that didn't print which would have made them free... I was also expecting $1 off cellfire which I loaded earlier today but it didn't hit my card yet).
  • 2 Kettle Chips - $2.50 ea, Used 2 $2 off snack wine tags, Final price .50/ea
  • 6 Small Pillsbury Crescent Rolls ($1.69 ea) - $10.14, .50/2 from shortcuts.com, $1/2 from shortcuts.com, .50/2 from cellfire.com. Used 6 $1/1 from a tearpad found at Jewel and used 3 $1/2 Dominick's Store coupons from the Make It Tonight Simple Affordable Meals in-store at Dominick's. I was at an overage of .86 just using the coupons. But as a bonus when you buy 6 Pillsbury baked goods you get a $4 cat! So that made it a $4.86 moneymaker!
  • 2 cartons of eggs - $1.29 ea, Used BOGO printable from the Good Egg Project (no longer available).
  • 2 Jell-o Mouse Temptations - $3.50 ea, Used 2 FREE coupons from Houseparty (bought this so that I could use the Make it Tonight coupons that require a $20 purchase).
Did you have any bargain fails this week?

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