Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jewel Trip 1/26/10

I paid $0.93 oop for everything shown in the picture above! Yes that is a $10 Pot Roast!! I also used an expiring $5 cat though, so my total net cost for everything was $5.93!

Got a great tip from Couponers Wanted and Mashup Mom this week about the advertised Roast deal at Jewel. In the ad it states if you buy a 3lb Jewel Signature Roast (Pot Roast, Round Roast or Pork Roast), you get a free bag of potatoes, carrots and celery. Well, it turns out that if you buy a roast that is over 3 lbs you get an instant deduction of $5.48 off the roast - NO NEED to buy the other 3 items, thus making your roast about 1/2 price!

UPDATE: A friend attempted to do the roast deal again (she had successfully done it yesterday) without buying the additional items and the instant discount did not come off. Use caution if doing this deal without the extra items. I also had another friend who did not get the discount when just buying the meat, but brought up the celery with her just in case and got the discount as soon as she scanned the celery. Be prepared to have them take it off the order, or buy the additional items if it doesn't work! Good luck!

Here's the deals broken down:
  • 3 1/4 lb Jewel Signature Pot Roast (do not get Stockman and Dakota) - $9.72 ($2.99/lb). Instant Deduction of $5.48 plus I used a $3 off Beef wine tag, Final Price $1.24!!
  • 3 lb bag of Apples - $1.88, Used FREE 3 lb bag of Apple coupon from the Jewel Preferred Card Update Book (handed out over the summer at Jewel events), Final Price FREE!
  • Ortega Salsa - $2.00, Used $2/1 any chips or salsa from Jim Bean tearpad (NAPN), Final Price FREE!
  • Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt - .50 each, Used $1/4 from a Dannon rebate in 2009, Final Price .25 each
  • Arnold Soft Family 100% Wheat Bread - $1.50 each, Used 2 $1/1 Arnold Bread from the Jewel Preferred Card Update Booklet, Final Price .50 each
  • Gallon of milk $2.38
Used $5 catalina from a previous shopping trip, paid .93 oop. Saved $26.20!

I also hopped over to Valli this morning and spent $13.66 on deli meat, butter and fresh produce!

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  1. That Pot Roast sure does look good! Can't wait to eat it tonight!