Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valli Produce Trip 1/19/10

I don't usually post my visits to Valli since I usually only buy Deli meat and produce there...and they don't have a club card or "savings" listed on their receipts so it never feels like you are saving anything. I do however always include what I spend there on my spending spreadsheet (so it is accounted for even though the savings column is listed as $0, although I know I'm saving compared to what I would pay for these items elsewhere). In any case, I though I would share with you that I DO buy other things that I might not post about, but include in my spent total for the year!

I spent $18.20 for everything pictured above. Here's what I got and you can see for yourself that even though I don't give myself any "savings credit", that its way cheaper than picking these items up on my other shopping trips.

Head of lettuce - .68
2 Sweet Onions - .90
2 Zucchini - $1.26
3 Tomatoes - .87
Package of Tortillas - .99
1 1/2 lbs Bananas - .57
2 Pears - $1.01
2 1/2 lbs Granny Smith Apples - $2.51
1 lb of Sara Lee Reduce Sodium Deli Ham - $2.99
3/4 lb of Perfue Oven Roasted Deli Turkey Breast - $2.27
1/2 lb Deli Brick Cheese - $1.59
Sesame Sticks - $1.88
Yogurt Pretzels - $1.75

Used $1.50/1 Sara Lee Reduced Sodium deli meat

Final cost oop - $18.20

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