Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's in the Mail? (11/14/09)


Last week I told you I would post about the fun stuff that came in the mail for the week. Here's what was in the mail this week:
  • FIVE $10 Bonus Bucks from Kellogg's! Bonus bucks can be earned for buying 3 boxes of special marked cereals. There was a deal at Jewel at the beginning of October that each box ended up being $1 each. For every 3 I bought I entered in the codes for a $10 Bonus Buck check, so every 3 boxes gave me a profit of $7! The Bonus Buck check can be used like a regular check at retailers who sell movies, books, toys or electronics.
  • $10 Kellogg's Fuel For School Rebate. This rebate is no longer available (ended 9/30/09).
  • $3 Mikes Hard Lemonade Rebate. This rebate is no longer available (ended 9/30/09).
  • $10/$10 JCPenney Home Mailer. Make sure you double check your junk mail. I love the $10 off a $10 purchase coupons that come from JC Penneys and Kohl's!
  • Blue Moon Crew Bar Blade. Sign up here to become a member of the Blue Moon Crew. Unfortunately they are currently out of the bar openers they were offering, but you can still get Blue Moon news, specials and stuff they "think is cool".
  • Kashi TLC Granola Bar sample that I told you about here. Looks like it is still available!
Did you get anything fun in the mail?

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