Friday, November 20, 2009

Jewel Trip 11/20/09

I'm not hosting for Turkey Day, but figured I could pick up a FREE turkey and save it for Christmas so off to Jewel I went!


I paid $2.29 for everything pictured above and I will send in for a $5 rebate on the Turkey! I did use a $10 catalina from a previous deal, so taking that into consideration and the $5 rebate it was a net cost of $7.29 with the loss of the cat.

Here are the highlights:
Jennie-O Frozen Turkey .99/lb - $12.03. This turkey was only 12 lbs and the in ad coupon states that the turkey must be at least 14 lbs. I asked the meat department person if they had any more in the back because I wanted to use the coupon. She said they did, but said that I could still use the coupon with the 12 lb turkey. I wanted to be sure I was using the coupon correctly and she assured me that it would work and it did (honestly I think she didn't want to be bothered for looking for a turkey that was 2 lbs heavier). So with my $10 store coupon my turkey was now $2.03! I also had a $2 off any Turkey manufacturer coupon from Estancia Wine (NWPN) my turkey was a whopping .03! And then I will send in for the $5 rebate from Fetzer wine!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is on sale until Saturday for .88 each. I bought 3 and used the $1.25/3 tearpad I found on a holiday ziploc display. Final cost $1.39 for 3 or .46 each! The ad does say limit 2, but you can purchase 2 of each variety - so I bought 2 regular and 1 lite.

Steamfresh Veggies are on sale for .97, Use .35/1 coupon from 10/18 SS. Final price .62 ea!

Culinary Circle Pizza - FREE with coupon from the Preferred Card Update booklet. Over the summer if you updated your preferred card they gave you a booklet with coupons (some of which were for FREE items)! I picked this up because I needed to have a separate $20 purchase (before coupons) with the turkey coupon.

Lunchables with Water - FREE with coupons from a Lunchables Houseparty I had over the summer. Again, just bumping up my turkey purchase total.

I had a few other coupons of small value and then used the $10 cat to get my total down to $2.29!

What did you get at Jewel this week?

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  1. This is amazing! I wish I would have read this before I went, b/c 16 lb. turkeys were the smallest I could find. I got one for us and one for the church.