Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gobble Gobble - Turkey Deals


Looking for a Turkey - here are the best prices in the Chicagoland grocery stores starting tomorrow! Looks like Jewel is the best place for Frozen, Dominicks for Fresh. I do not have ads for Super if you see a better price there, post a note in the comments and I'll update this post!

There is a printable for $2/1 Butterball Turkey here. Also, look for turkey MIRs in your liquor department...I've seen $3 MIR and $5 MIR. Last year a $10 MIR popped up so keep your eyes out!

Jewel - $10 off with coupon and $20 purchase
Jennie-O Frozen - .37/lb with coupon
Butterball Hen or Tom Turkey Frozen - .97/lb with coupon
Jennie-O Fresh - $1.17/lb with coupon

Jennie-O Frozen - .43/lb with $20 purchase
Butterball Frozen - .99/lb with $20 purchase
Jennie-O Fresh - .99/lb

Ultra Foods
Norbest Frozen - .48/lb with $25 purchase

Valli Produce
Jennie-O or Fresh Farms Frozen - .59/lb with $30 purchase

Shop & Save Market
Norbest Frozen - .49/lb with $50 purchase and coupon

$8 off Hen Turkey or $14 off Tom Turkey with $20 purchase. No price given.

Super Target
Butterball Frozen - .88/lb
Market Pantry - .68/lb
Archer Farms - .88/lb

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