Thursday, November 5, 2009

Target Trip 11/5/09


If you end up following this blog for any length of time you'll notice that I'm addicted to going to Target. We've finally decided that we were going to get a Wii this Christmas as a family gift so I wanted to get in on the great deal they have going on with Wii games - Buy 2 get 1 free. I wanted to maximize my savings since I have a 10% off shopping day from my Target Visa AND there is a $10/2 Wii games coupon here (although I did change up my plan at the store and as a result ended up spending $20 more than I planned).

Everything in the picture above cost me $121.51. It definitely wasn't a "get a lot of stuff for pennies" kind of shopping trip, but I still think I got a great deal...and really that's all that really matters is if you feel you got a good deal! I also combined it with the Glade Holiday Candle deal that gave me $5 overage to put towards my games!

Here's how it breaks down:
Wii Mario Cart - $49.99
Wii Play w/controller - $49.99
Wii Toy Story Mania - FREE (reg price $49.99)
Wii Carnival Games - $29.99
Wii Lego Batman - $19.99
Wii Lego Indiana Jones - FREE (reg price $19.99)
5 Glade Holiday Candle Holders - $2.50 ea
5 Glade Holiday Candle Refills - $2.50 ea
7 Johnson Buddie Bars - $.97 ea
1 Johnson's Head to Toe Wash - $2.19
2 Pullups - $8.99 ea

Used 3 $10/2 Wii games from Target printables - -$30.00
Used 5 Buy one Glade Holder get one refill free - -$12.50
Used 5 $1.50/1 Glade Scented Oil Holders - -$7.50
Used 8 Johnson's $1/1 coupon from 9/13RP insert - -$8.00
Used 1 Target Johnson's Baby item from Target mailer - -$1.00
Used 1 $2/1 Pullups from home mailer - -$2.00
Used 1 $1.50/1 Pullups from home mailer - -$1.50
Used 2 $1/1 Target Pullup from 10/25 Target insert - -$2.00
Used 10% Target Rewards - -$19.51

Paid $131.51 and got back $10 in gift cards for the candles - final total $121.51 (which is really the price of 2 games and the pullups!) I will also send in my pullups receipt for the Caregivers Rebate and get back .75 for each pack!

I could have stuck with $14.99 games for the second set and I would have saved myself $20 (which was my plan going in) but they didn't have the ones I wanted and I decided to just get the ones we wanted. Here's how you could do the wii games a bit cheaper.

Buy 6 wii games for $14.99. Games 3 and 6 will be Free, so you will only pay for 4 - $59.96, then use 3 $10/2 printables - final total $29.96 for SIX wii games!!

If you do want some expensive games, you could get 3 $49.99 games and 3 $14.99 games. Make sure you ring up all 3 expensive ones together so that the 3rd $49.99 one comes off free. Then the 3 $14.99 games. Use 3 $10/2 printables - final total $99.98, that's like Buy 2 get 4 FREE!

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