Monday, November 9, 2009

Coupon Tip - 11/9/09

It's Monday and that means its time for a new coupon tip! This week's tip is ALWAYS look at the bottom of your receipt and check all of your catalina coupons! So many people THROW THEM IN THE TRASH (or on the ground)! You never know what might be there, so always look before you discard.

Jewel often has surveys at the bottom of their receipts. In appreciation for taking them, sometimes it's a coupon for a free loaf of french bread, sometimes it's $2 off your next purchase! Also, don't forget to check catalinas - more times than not, the first catalina that prints is for a $19.99 Oil change and most people think the rest is junk too. I often get coupons to try products for FREE, or high value coupons that I can use for a deal later. My best finds truly are from my oldest son who spots them laying on the ground in the parking lot! He has found many abandoned cats - that is like free money!

CVS prints their extra care bucks and CVS store coupons at the bottom of their receipts!

Target also prints store coupons that you can combine with a manufacturer coupon to get even a better deal (usually at the top of the receipt though)!

Many other stores offer surveys for % off your next shopping trip or chances to win drawings!

Keep your eyes peeled for abandoned receipts and cats in carts and on the never know what you might find!

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