Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swagbucks: Are you a member of Swagbucks? Read this!

Today is Swag Bucks 2nd Birthday and they have lots in store for us!! They have redesigned their site and they have also made changes to how much your swag bucks are worth. If you log into your account today you'll see that everything has multiplied by 10! If you had 50 swag bucks in your account before, you'll have 500 today! If a code was worth $1 swag buck before, its now worth $10! It's important to note that prizes have also multiplied but the values remain the same. So if you used to redeem 45 swag bucks for $5 amazon codes, they will now cost you 450 (no real raise in price since your earned bucks multiplied by 10 also).

IF YOU AREN'T a Member of Swag Bucks yet - STAY TUNED at 8 am! I have a SPECIAL code for new sign ups for my blog readers thats worth 60 swag bucks!! I'll be posting it shortly so don't sign up yet!!

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