Monday, February 15, 2010

FREE Axe Detailer Promotion

Axe has a new male cleansing product called the "Detailer" and they are giving away 1,000 of them every week! You can view the video here (beware, it contains some suggestive material).

If you want to skip the video, Just Call 1-877-3AXEBALL or 1-877-3293-2255 soon after the promotion resets each Monday morning at 12:01 am! I have called the past several weeks between 8-9 am and they have already been given away for the week, so if you really want one I recommend staying up late or getting up to make the phone call (I happened to not be able to sleep last night and as I lay there tossing and turning I remembered it was Monday morning!!)

The phone call is automated. They do ask you a risque question to which you answer by choosing a number 1-4 and then you can leave a voicemail with your name and address. A coupon will be mailed to your address in about 4-6 weeks! Offer is good each Monday morning until March 14th!

Good luck!

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