Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jewel: March Chill - Buy 10 get $10 catalina

I unfortunately don't have an ad in front of me because my paper boy decided not to deliver a paper yesterday and they didn't come in the mail, but I understand there is a new catalina deal at Jewel that starts today! Buy 10 of the items below and get a $10 catalina (I believe its on the backpage of the ad)!

Thanks to Couponers Wanted for the list of participating products:

Ore Ida Potatoes 16-32 oz
NY Garlic Toast, Cheese Toast, Ciabatta Breads, Breadsticks and Dip N Sticks 10.5-16 oz
Aunt Jemima Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast, Entrees 5.2-14.8 oz
Pepperidge Farm Garlic Toast, Cheese Toast, Cheese Bread 9.5-12.75 oz
Kraft Bagelfuls 10 oz
Bagel Bites 9 ct
Smart Ones Anytime Selections, Classics, Favorites & Desserts
Hungry Man Sport Grill Dinners
Healthy Choice Complete, Steamers, Simple & Natural Selections
Bertolli Meals for 2 and Oven Bake Meals
Red Baron Single Serve Pizza 7-21 oz
Red Baron 12" pizza
Hot Pockets, Lean Pockets & Croissant Pocket 2 packs
Tombstone 12" Original Pizza
Digiorno and CPK Single serve pizzas, For Ones, Flatbread Melts, 200 calorie packs
Breyers Ice Cream 48 oz
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 16 oz
Klondike Bars
Good Humor Bars
Boca Original and Garden Veggie Burgers
Edys Ice Cream
Edys Fruit Bars 6 and 12 count
Nestle Drumsticks 4 ct
Jose Ole Taquitos and snacks
Rosetto frozen pasta

I haven't worked out any scenarios yet, so if you've got a good one post it in the comments below!

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