Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Swagbucks: $5 Paypal on sale for 550 SBs

Are you a member of Swagbucks? Through tomorrow 3/24 you can trade in your swagbucks for $5 paypal cash at a discount! Normally it cost 900 SBs for $5 Paypal, but you can snag it now for only 550 SBs!!

Remember you can also earn swagbucks EVERY day by viewing the special offers. Just skip through the ads if they aren't of interest to you and you'll be rewarded at the end (today its worth 2 SBs)!

If you are not a member of swagbucks, sign up here. Earn swagbucks just for searching (and redeeming special codes). Use your swagbucks to by gift cards and other fun stuff!

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