Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jewel Trip 3/27/10

I picked up a few things at Jewel today. I had the worst cashier (I should have gone through self check, however manning the registers there was a cashier that is so not coupon friendly so I thought I'd save myself the trouble - WRONG!!) Ha! As a result, I ended up spending more oop then I had planned because I only gave her 1 catalina to pay with and I should have given her more. Oh well!

I paid $4.07 oop for everything above, used a $10 catalina and got back $11.50 in catalinas for a net cost of $2.57.
  • 4 boxes of Post Pebbles Cereal - $1.59 each ($6.36). Used 1 $1/2 Post Pebbles cereal, 1 $1.25/1 Pebbles cereal. Paid $4.36 and got back $3 Post Catalina and $2 Your Bucks! Final Price FREE plus .64 overage.
  • 8 Philly Cream Cheese - $1.29 each ($10.32), Used 4 $1/2 Philly Cream Cheese coupons from Kraft Football booklet. Paid $6.32 and got back $5 Kraft Catalina and $1.50 Philly Catalina. Final Price FREE plus .18 overage.
  • 2 American Greetings Cards - $2.79, Used BOGO American Greetings coupon from back of Deli catering menu. Final Price $2.79/2 or $1.39 each.
  • 3 Lb Bag of Apples - Used FREE bag of Apples from Preferred Card Update booklet
  • Arnold Sandwich Thins - $2.49, Used FREE Arnold Sandwich thins from Houseparty
  • 1 lb of Ground beef - $4.07, Used $4 meat tag, Final Price .07

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