Friday, March 19, 2010

Kmart: $10/$20 Printable Coupon NEW COUPON

KMart apparently didn't plan for the droves of people who came to the store today with their $10/$20 coupon in hand. They apparently have stopped honoring the original coupon because it was only intended for certain markets. Lucky us Chicago is one of them - so here is a NEW COUPON for $10/$20 purchase with the stores in Chicagoland which will accept it.

If you try to use the coupon that was posted yesterday they may refuse it, and heck, they may refuse this one too. I guess its worth a shot!

Thanks Mashup Mom!


  1. After checking the nearest store was on the acceptance list for the coupon,I used mine today! Unfortunately, it seems most of the stores were still told not to take the coupon. They tried telling me it was only those stores closer to the city, (far northern burbs here). Luckily, it was very early this morning, no one in the store & the sales girl called the manager up & he finally gave the go-ahead.

    Ultimately, it was well worth the hassle! Thanks!! :)

  2. Glad it worked out for you Cat! You'd think if the store was listed ON the coupon that there would have been no issues with accepting it! Glad you had success!