Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jewel Trip - 9/30/10: P&G Catalina, Plus lots of darn it I shoulda

I had a bunch of FREE coupons that were all expiring today, so I headed over to Jewel to use them and to also do a P&G Catalina deal!

The current P&G deal is Spend $30 on specific products and get back a $10 catalina. Read this first about how catalina deals work at Jewel.

I spent 14.34 for everything pictured above!! I used $10 in cats and earned $10 in cats. (And for the VERY first time I bought laundry soap that was not Cheer. It was one of the last remaining things I stayed brand loyal to, but decided to give Tide Free and Gentle a try).

Here's what I bought:
  • $30 P&G get $10 catalina - Tide Liquid $9.99 (reg $14.49), Downy Softner $4.99 (reg $6.29), Bounty Napkins $2.99 (reg $4.29), 4 cans of pringles $1.50 each (reg $1.75 each). Total: $23.97 (reg price $32.07 - enough to trigger the cat, but darn it I only needed 3 cans of pringles to get over $30!!). Used $2/1 Tide from Better Homes and Garden, Used $2.50/1 Downy from Vocalpoint, Used $1/1 Bounty Napkins from P&G Coupon Rebate book, Used $2 off salty snack winetag, and .40/4 pringles on Avenu plus a $2 off Jewel Survey coupon. Final Price $16.07 and earned back $10 - net cost $6.07 for all of it!
  • Strawberries - $1.88
  • Jewel Margarine Tubs - $1
  • Jewel Cream Cheese - $1.66
  • Refried Beans - $1.39 BOGO, .69 each.
  • 8 Sobe Life Water/Tea - FREE with coupons from Sobe Life Water Instant Game (no longer available)
  • 2 Pace Picante Salsas - FREE with coupons from Pace Instant Win Game (no longer available)
  • 2 Bags frozen Perdue Chicken - $9.99 BOGO. Used a FREE coupon from SheSpeaks (up to $7.99 so I paid $1.99 for both bags - I realized I should have used a $2/1 on the free bag and I would have gotten them both free!
  • Twix Swirl and Frosted Cheerios Cereal - Used 2 FREE General Mills Cereal coupons from My Blog Spark.
  • Polendar Sugar Free Jam - $4.49, Used a FREE Jam up to $3.99 - Final price .50.
I earned 6 cookware stickers and I can send in for a free mini grill rebate that is in the current spotlight up by the front door - be sure to grab one if you are doing the P&G deal. For a full list of P&G products for that deal check out this post by Mashup Mom or Couponers Wanted!

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