Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Target - Christmas 75% off and get ready for the Toy Clearance!


Stopped at Target today and the Christmas clearance was marked down to 75% off...that means it will go 90% Friday (if they are open) or Saturday for sure. I picked up quite a few wrapping items and stocking stuffers for next year and saved $84.71!! Here are some of the prices of things I got:
  • Hickory Farms Sausage gifts - $1.24-$3.74 (depending on the size of the box)
  • Holiday treat bags - .49
  • Holiday Pokemon Card set - $1.24
  • Holiday Gift bags - .25-.37 each
  • Fisher Price Trio Airplane - $1.24
  • Club Penquin Animals - $2.49
  • Bag of mini Pez refills - $1.19
  • Gift Tags - .74
  • Mini Bicycle Playing cards - .25
  • Mario Kart trading cards and poster - .74
Also, took a stroll through the toy department (I know, we all need more toys like we need a whole in the head, but I shop Targets Bi-Annual toy sale for all my easter bunny, santa and bday party stockpile)! Lots of items are already 30% off. It usually goes 75% off the second week or so in January, but its a great time to just check out what is being clearanced so you know what might be interested in when the time comes.

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