Monday, December 28, 2009

CVS Trip 12/28/09

I was totally out of milk so I headed over to CVS so I could score myself some free milk! Here's what I got:


I paid $1.34 on a gift card for everything pictured above. Spent $6.48 in ECBs and earned $7 in ECB for a net cost of .82 for all of it! Here's how it breaks down:

1 Contour Glucose Monitor - $14.99 (got $5 ECB)
1 Colgate Total Advance - $2.99 (got $2 ECB)
1 Ivory Soap 3 pk - .99
2 Gallons of Deans 2% milk - $2.49 ea
Used $1/1 Ivory Soap Q from 12/27 (adjusted down to .99)
Used $1/1 Colgate Q from Jan All You Magazine
Used $30/1 Contour Glucose Monitor 10/25 RP (adjusted down to $14.99)
Paid with $6.48 in ECBs and $1.34 on a gift card
Earned $7 in ECBs, net total .82!

I can't tell you the number of people that poke fun at me for all the Glucose monitors I have in my possession. No, I don't need them for my own personal use, but buying that monitor allowed me to make $5 in ECBs that paid for the milk that I did needed, so why wouldn't I buy that glucose monitor? (Plus I do attempt to sell them at my annual garage sale and then donate the rest each year).

So when you see monitors come up on the "deals for the week" think again about buying it if you haven't in the past!

What did you score at CVS this week?

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