Monday, December 21, 2009

Coupon Tip: 12/21/09 Buying inserts cheap


I'm totally behind on all of my Christmas shopping/wrapping so I'm going to make this coupon tip short and sweet!

Some people have asked me how I get so many inserts and doesn't it defeat the purpose when the paper is almost $2 each? Here are some ways to get inexpensive inserts:
  • Ask non-coupon users or casual coupon users to save their inserts for you. I get a couple sets each week from family and friends who cut the coupons out they want first and instead of recycling save them for me! (Thanks Rachel and Mom T)!
  • Buy papers for $1 instead of full retail price - Menards and Dollar Tree both sell Sunday papers for only $1! That's 50% of the price you'd pay at the gas station or the grocery store. Be sure to go on Saturday on a hot coupon weekend because they do sell out!
  • Subscribe when there is a great deal on your local paper. I have a current subscription rate of .50/week for Wed/Fri/Sun Chicago Trib. It's the best deal I've ever gotten on home delivery. Although that deal isn't available right now, you can subscribe for $1/week. Call 1-800 311-8500 (offer code X464).
  • Strike up a deal with your newspaper delivery guy for extra inserts. I know a few people who will leave excess stockpile out for their newspaper carriers in exchange for extra inserts. I have not done this myself, but it would be worth a shot!
  • Check local spanish papers. Locally Hoy (put out by the Tribune) sometimes has coupon inserts in them and the papers are free!
  • Check your mail, if you don't get the paper, sometimes coupon inserts are sent in the mail with your weekly Saver ads.
How do you get extra inserts? Let me know and I'll add to this post! For past coupon tips go here.

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