Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jimmy Johns: Customer Experience Grade = F!!

No Worries? Hmm..this little ad above does NOT describe my experience last night with the Schaumburg Jimmy Johns on Golf and Roselle Rd! My friend and I were scrapbooking yesterday at a fundraising event and a few of the girls decided to order from Jimmy Johns for dinner. Because we didn't want to pay a delivery fee and thought it would be faster to pick up we phoned in our order and then headed over to pick it up.

When our sandwiches came back we sat down and my friend and I eagerly opened our J.J.B.L.T's. But instead of a BLT we got a BS-BL!! There we no tomato on either of our sandwiches...c'mon a BLT with no tomato?? So I call Jimmy Johns and explained what happened and the kid on the phone apologizes and I asked him to make us new sandwiches and deliver them in a Jiffy (we didn't want to waste MORE scrapbooking time)...the kid on the phone says no problem takes our address and says when the delivery guy goes out next he'll bring our new sandwiches and I also said why don't you throw in a pickle for the inconvenience. He says sure.

45 min go by and no sandwiches arrive so I call back. The same kid on the phone says Sorry but our policy is if you pick up your order we CAN'T DELIVER new sandwiches even if its our mistake, but if you come in and get your new ones we can give you a free sandwich sometime in the next 2 weeks for the inconvenience. I can't believe they won't make it right by delivering new sandwiches but we head back over ready to discuss this issue with the manager.

We get there and the manager is out on a delivery but the nice kid starts making us new sandwiches. The manager then comes back and was so rude and condescending it was ridiculous. He said it isn't their policy to re-deliver mistakes and would I expect McDonalds to do the same. I quickly pointed out that McDonalds DOESN'T deliver and that if a pizza place made a mistake and I picked up my order they surely would re-deliver a missing item or a mistake. I told him we wanted a refund and our sandwiches at no charge and he stated they don't "Do refunds". I then asked about the free sandwiches we were offered on the phone and he said the best he could do was 2 free bags of chips - gee thanks. And he told me to contact corporate if I didn't like it.

I told him I'd happily contact corporate and I'd also share my horrible customer experience will all of my blog readers who most off live locally to his store. So here I am - venting my experience...and heeding you warning if you should want to shop at that store, don't go expecting any kind of customer service.

Note: I will be sending this along to corporate as well in hopes that the store manager at 66 E. Golf Rd will get the message that this is not how you treat customers.


  1. I know I definitely won't go back there! What horrible customer service!!

  2. That is awful customer service! If you make a mistake, you should do everything you can to make it up.

  3. Sounds like they need to train their staff on company policies!

  4. Too bad Jimmy Johns doesn't know how to treat customers like Quiznos Subs does. Which is just down the street...

  5. It's sad the companies like JJ's have forgotten how important customer service is. In a time when there's a restaurant on every corner (a sandwich place, especially) knowing how to treat your customers is what makes all the difference.

  6. Posted to my facebook wall from our school's PTA President:

    Thats crazy! I won't be using them for school events any longer either! THey have lost me too..Sorry for your experience, but I hope you had a great time scrapping anyway! Deb

  7. Posted by Shonda to my facebook wall:

    I doubt the manager understands the power of blogging and social media, 'cuz boy is he in trouble now!

  8. Bummer, a JJBLT without the T is like pop without the fizz, it just ain't the same! I'm genuinely sorry for the bad service and your underwhelming experience at Jimmy John's. I hope you give us another chance for your next scrapbooking party! I appreciate the feedback and hope we made it right for you! You rock! - JJ