Friday, June 25, 2010

Old Navy: Holey Moley 30% Off Sale Update

So I swung by Old Navy this morning and thought I would give you an update on my findings:
  • The 30% discount DOES APPLY to sale prices and clearance markdowns!! Yippee!
  • You CAN STACK your Old Navy Reusable Bag/Old Navy Credit Card 10% discount! I got a 10% deduction and 30% deduction per item!
  • You earn triple points towards Old Navy Rewards when you use your Old Navy Card!
I struck out for myself, but did find some good deals for my oldest son!


  1. Hmm... what's the reusable bag discount? I haven't heard of that.

  2. I believe its tied to the Old Navy Credit card.. let me see if I can find more info. I brought my reusable bag from a previous Stuff and Save Sale...and I recall getting something in the mail that you'd get 10% off if you use it right now. I'll go look for more info.

  3. Well, for sure card holders get an extra 10% off on Tuesdays through 1/31/11...but that doesn't explain why they gave it to me today :P!

  4. Found it! During May - June you get 10% off your entire purchase if you bring back your Old Navy Stuff and Save Reusable bag (you need to use your store credit card).