Monday, June 28, 2010

Coupon Tip - Signing up for Free Samples


If you've been following along for even a little while, you'll notice that I post a lot of free sample links on my blog. I love to get free samples for a variety of reasons:
  • I love to try things before I buy them
  • It helps reduce the frequency of having to actually buy the item in some cases (lots of samples of shampoo prolongs your need to buy it!)
  • Most of the time COUPONS come with the free sample
  • Great for traveling and quick overnight trips just toss them in your bag
  • I like to think I'm helping keep the USPS in business ;)
  • I love getting mail!!
I always order the sample for myself before I post it to the blog for a few reasons. I want to make sure it's a legit opportunity, I want to make sure it's an easy sign up (who wants to jump through hoops for a free sample), and I want to have as much information as possible to give you before I tell you to go sign up for it! Yes, there have been many samples over the years that I've signed up for that haven't come and that's just part of the process. It was free anyway, so if it doesn't come oh well and if it does - BONUS!

Do you have any favorite free sample you've received? Has trying a sample of something gotten you to buy it again? My favorite free sample this year so far was the Kraft Summertime Pack! Lots of goodies along with an awesome rebate!


  1. The EOS lip balm has been my favorite so far...they definitely coverted me from a Carmax Girl to an EOS girl!

  2. I love the Fekkai smoothing balm. It has been a life saver on super humid days for my ultra curly hair!