Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meijer Trip 5/20/10

Since my boys eat lots 'o dogs in the summer time I figured I go grab a few from Meijer since they came out to .25 a pack! This deal goes on for another week so you have plenty of time (I originally thought it ended yesterday but not the case)!

I paid $2.93 for everything above (savings of $24.68!)

Here's the deals:
  • 4 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs - $5, Free Package of Hot Dog Buns wyb 4 Hot Dogs (comes off at register), Used 2 $1/2 Hot Dog printables (or $1/2 from 5/16 SS) and stacked with 2 $1/2 Meijer Mealbox Hot Dog printables. Final Price .25 for each pack of Hotdogs and Free buns!
  • 3 Crystal Light Pure On the Go - $2 each and FREE 12 pack of Meijer Water Bottles wyb 3 Crystal Lite (comes off at register). Used 3 $1/1 Crystal Light Pure Fitness Drink Mix and stacked with 3 $1/1 Crystal Light Meijer Mealbox. Final Price FREE! (Update: there are new coupons on facebook for Crystal light so that you don't have to get the Pure variety)
  • 2 lbs of Strawberries - $2.69, Used $2 Produce WT. Final Price .69 (Note: the cashier mentioned they'd no longer be accepting WTs in the future at the Rolling Meadows store but let me use it today).
  • Bananas - .59/lb
What did you get at Meijer this week?


  1. Sorry to sound silly, but what's a WT. And when you talk about wine tags and meat tags, what are those and where do you get them? Thanks!

  2. Not silly :)! WT is a Wine tag :)! You can find wine tags/meat tags etc in the liquor department. Sometimes they are tags hanging on bottles, sometimes they are tearpads, sometimes you'll just find them lying on a shelf. You want the manufacturer ones, not the store ones (that are only good on the liquior). You'll see on the manufacturer ones that there is no Alcohol purchase required in the state of IL. It's can be quite a scavenger hunt, but fun when you find them :)!