Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jewel Trip 5/20/10

Ran to Jewel to spend some Wine Tags and use up a Wags RR since I'm going to try to stay out of the Wags madness unless I really need something for my own household (i.e. I'm attempting not to buy just to buy).

I paid $1.31 oop and used up a $5 Wag RR. Final Cost $6.31.
  • 2 Jewel Soft Pretzels - $2 each, Used 2 $2 Snack Tags
  • 2 Bush Grillin Beans - $1.47 each (3 day sale), Used $1/2 from 4/18 SS. Final Price .97 each.
  • Milk - $2.49 (I was a little leary to give the new Shoppers Value brand a try, but it does say hormone free on the label and it was cheaper than the Jewel milk)
  • Blackberries - $2.99, Used $2/1 Produce WT. Final Price .99.
  • Ocean Spray Cran-Pomegranate - $3.29, Used $3/1 WT. Final Price .29.
What are you getting at Jewel this week?

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