Sunday, October 25, 2009

To blog or not to blog

I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a long time now. If you know me well you know that one of the things I most dislike in life is WRITING. Yep, its true. I hate writing...I am a horrible speller (couldn't live without spell check)...I am horribly embarrassed when someone corrects my grammar (it has happened)...and sometimes I can hardly put together a sentence. Math has always been my better subject...which is probably why I LURVE coupons so much. I get to use my math skills to keep my brain working (somehow motherhood sucked the intelligence out of my brain). So now that I've put that out on the table...forgive me if what I write isn't spelled right, isn't properly composed, or simply does not make ANY sense!

I am here..and WRITING a blog about coupons, deals and bargains. I hope that you will find it useful. I likely will not cover EVERY deal that is out there (and there are a lot)...just the ones that I will either do for myself or I think are too good to pass up even if I'm not doing them. And more often than not, the deal was probably posted somewhere else first (I don't come up with these deals on my own) you'll see a credit line to where ever I read it from.

Thanks for stopping by and humoring this little experiment in motherhood distraction.


  1. Great idea Christi! I posted your blog on my blog, so you might get some more followers!

  2. Thanks Tamara! You'll have to give me some pointers :)! I decided after reading on your blog how much you've enjoyed it that maybe after all this time I should just give it a shot!

  3. So glad you decided to give it a go! Doing a great job....are you enjoying it?

  4. Thanks for a great blog! There is something new everyday and it is so easy to follow! Thanks for saving me from having to search the Internet for deals!