Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have a big freezer? HOT Breyer's deal at Jewel (ENDS TODAY)

Hey, so if you live near Jewel and you have lots of freezer space there's a GREAT deal on Ice Cream. Through TODAY October 31st - Breyer's Ice Cream is Buy one get TWO free. They are priced at $6.69 each. But they are also part of a catalina promotion going on right now (that I don't have all the details on since it just started yesterday and hasn't been advertised yet) but if you buy 6 of them (Pay for 2 and get 4 free) - you spend $13.38 and get back $15 in catalina coupons. If you buy 9 of them (Pay for 3 get 6 free) - you spend just over $20 and get $30 back in catalina coupons (since this deal stacks atleast twice) - $10 moneymaker!!

If you don't know what a catalina coupon is, its a coupon that prints off at the end of your order that you can use like cash on your next visit! Once you buy your first set, you can take those cats and use them to buy more ice cream, pay nothing and get another set of cats (what we couponers call "rolling") or you can use them to buy other groceries that you would have otherwise bought (minus things prohibited by law like liquor, stamps and cigarettes).

NOTE: The way these catalina ("cat") deals work is that they are advertised that a customer spends a certain amount to get the catalinas. For example the ad might say spend $30 on General Mills products and get $15 back in catalinas. However the way the computers are programmed, it calculates the $30 based on the pre-preferred card price. So it does not take into consideration the store giving you the 2 free discounts. So the register thinks you have bought $6.69 X 6 or $40.14 which is why the cat prints.

It is very important to note sometimes they don't print...for a variety of reasons...the machine is down, catalina is offline, your store price varies by a few pennies etc. You should never argue with customer service to get the cats if you work deals using the non-sale price (because they will always tell you that it doesn't work that way and you need to spend the amount after the sale price - even though that is not true). If you can figure out what you did all means ask customer service if you can return and rebuy adding another item to tip you over the amount needed.

When I get the details of this current promotion I will do a better write up to explain how it works...but since this one ends today, I wanted to let you guys know about it (and honestly I think all of my readers are seasoned on catalina deals)! Even if you can't get out today for some free ice cream...looks like this may be a promising deal coming in the next week or so!

Thanks to my friend Megan for the heads up!


  1. You better believe we took part in it! I hadn't read this but hubby foubd out about it and went. Had no idea that there were catalinas, but we did get the $15 in cats. We unfortunately don't have the freezer space right now for more!

    LOVE the blog. GREAT job! If you want more exposure, I will do a post on my blog about you. I do posts every so often with good links to know and you are DEFINITELY one of them! ;-)


  2. Thanks Tamara! And of course you can share my blog with your readers too :)!

    I wish I had a big deep freezer...I have so much ice cream, meat, bread and frozen veggies from previous deals I have no where to store more ice cream!! But its a fantastic deal so I wanted to mention it!

    And a big high five to your hubs! He rocks!