Sunday, October 25, 2009

Places you should sign up for

Here are some of my favorite sites that you should sign up for! By signing up you will get to try free products, get free coupons or earn points to cash in for free gift cards!!

Houseparty -
Sign up to host parties for new products to share with your family and friends. Recent houseparties I've been chosen for - Clorox Green Works, Lunchables, Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners.

Earn swagbucks just by using their search engine. Redeem swagbucks for free gift cards!

Bzzagent is a word of mouth marketing company, they offer you campaigns and when you get accepted they send you free products and samples/coupons to share with other people. When you share them you log on to their site and right little reports about what you said, what they said etc. When they read your reports you get Mypoints as your reward...which you can redeem for giftcards!! Its a win win win situation!

Most recent campaigns I've done were for Soft Soap Nutra Serum Bathwash, Florida's Natural OJ, Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber, Science Diet Natures Best Dog Food, Teddy Grahams Trail Mix, Taco Bell Fresco Menu items....but I've also gotten some great stuff like a Logitech Universal Remote (worth $250), a Sonicare electric Toothbrush (worth $95), $75 in BP gas gift cards, so some are small and some are big!!

Vocalpoint -
This is also a word of mouth marketing place, but they just send you random coupons when they feel like it and you don't have to right the reports. The most recent coupons I've gotten were for Rice Krispies, Kashi brand cereal/crackers and Special K cereal/bars. There is usually one freebie and then others to share with friends. They do ask people to log on and talk on their discussion boards but its not a requirement.

Another word of mouth marketing company...don't have to write reports but they do send you surveys and previously I have received a free coupon for Ore Rida Steam and Mash potatoes, coupons to share with friends and a free potato masher...this week I just signed up to participate in a Sensodyne Toothpaste campaign.

This is General Mills new group - I've received coupons for free yogurt, Progresso Broth and a few others.

General Mills 2 - Mills Advisory Panel -
This was the original General Mills group -- they send you surveys and you get points that you can turn into gift cards.

This is a moms panel for Quaker Oats. In the past I have received a box full of goodies from them that included full size box of Chewy Granola Bars, 2 mini bags of Granola bites, 2 Simple Harvest granola bars, 2 single serve Life Cereal and a Kids Care wristband. Its just a moms panel, you don't need to do anything but you get great free stuff!

CVS Advisor panel -
Join this panel and they will send you surveys (the ones I've gotten have all been about CVS advertising) have to register your extra care card and you are paid in Extra Care Bucks when you complete surveys (they are usually $10 a survey which can buy you a few gallons of milk or a pack of diapers ;) )!

Join this panel to taste test Kraft products. No reports to write but they will send you follow up surveys...I've gotten coupons for Free Digiorno Flatbread sammys, Jello Pudding, Velveeta Shells and Cheese, and a few others.

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