Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dominicks: 30 Powerade and some Broccoli for just $2.20!!

This post is for my friend Deb who asked why I don't post pictures anymore! :)

Powerade is part of the Buy 8 or more and get .50 off each item (I think this ends today because they are in the sale ad starting tomorrow for .59). I had Powerade on my Just For You for .73, minus the .50 each made them just .23 a piece. In the Save $100 Jewel coupon booklet that came in the paper the few weeks ago there is a $3 off 10 Powerade coupon...which made them FREE plus $2.40 overage so I picked up 2 bags of Broccoli for $1.79 each. Grand total after coupon and tax - $2.20 (97% savings of $58.20!)

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